Researching Ultrasound Training Schools

If you’re interested in becoming a diagnostic medical sonographer the ultrasound technician school that is decided upon is an important choice for getting started on this career path. There are several considerations one must take into account when looking into ultrasound technician schools. Locating a school that has a good reputation will directly impact the quality of training received and potentially enhance your job prospects in the future.

To become a certified medical sonographer, a student must complete a degree or diploma program in order to become eligible for examination through the ARDMS. The ARDMS requires that a prospective technician complete an ultrasound training program with an accredited institution or have an allied health degree such as radiology or sonography, in addition to clinical experience for up to a year. The clinical experience helps to build essential skills while performing the job hands on. While the certification isn’t necessary to obtain employment in the field, candidates who possess a sonography certification from the ARDMS are a cut above others candidates when seeking a job.


In order to obtain the best possible training and gain an edge in the job market performing thorough research about the ultrasound training schools in your area is really important. The information gathered before making a decision can only help when searching for the right sonography program. To get started, requesting information through the school’s website is the easiest way to begin gathering the information you’ll need when seeking an ultrasound program.

When reviewing ultrasound technician schools there are a few considerations students need to keep in mind when deciding on which ultrasound training schools are right for them.

Considerations to be made when choosing a program

  • Are they Accredited Ultrasound Technician Schools?

The commission on Accreditation of Allied health education programs (or CAAHEP) evaluates allied health training programs nationwide. They maintain a set of guidelines that educational programs must adhere to obtain an accredited status. When attending an ultrasound technician school having this important designation will go a long way in helping you obtain a certification and during the job search.


Aside from the quality education that an accredited ultrasound technician program provides eligibility for the ARDMS certifications is a faster process when the program is completed. A graduate of an accredited program is eligible to take certification without any further clinical training. This is in contrast to a non-accredited sonography program which the ARDMS requires 12 months of full time clinical work in order to be eligible.

  •  Do the sonography schools have clinical training partners?

A large portion of  ultrasound training programs deal with on-the-job experience, performing the duties of an ultrasound technician under the supervision of a professional. A school’s clinical partnerships with medical facilities are an important factor which will reflect on the quality of training that is received. To move through the program on schedule, the institution should be capable of matching students with internships when they’re ready to begin and insist there are no delays in participating in this important aspect of the ultrasound training program.

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The experience received throughout the clinical process is one of the most important aspects of an education in diagnostic medical sonography. Through the course of the clinical period students are exposed to the workings of a medical facility through the eyes of a professional. Students receive the opportunity to operate the ultrasound equipment, provide patient care as well as contribute to the medical team through interactions with current medical professionals. This real life aspect of the training course is very important when preparing for the career.

  •  Personal preferences

When in the process of evaluating ultrasound technician schools you’ll want to make sure that the program is cohesive to your personal needs and existing obligations such as distance, costs, program length, and scheduling. Some programs offer more flexible scheduling such as evening or weekend classes if a morning to afternoon program isn’t fitting due to work or other obligations. In addition, many colleges offer some courses through distance learning which also can help if you find yourself having a busy schedule. However, due to the hands on nature of the job and the education making sure you can attend classes when lab and clinical activities take place is essential.

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The costs of ultrasound training programs will vary across institutions. It is best to find out the costs while researching schools in your area. Depending on the school, sonographer training can cost from $80 to $500 per credit hour. Typically, community colleges offer the best value in terms of quality and price. However, these programs are often highly sought after by students making the admission process competitive and often delayed while waiting on spots to open up. Classes at private colleges or vocational schools are often the most expensive but can often guarantee a starting date for the program upon registration for the classes.

Gathering Information

When researching schools, always request the course catalog and program information from the sonography schools you are interested in. The booklets and materials the schools provide will have all the information about the school, their programs, costs, and often include other helpful information and statistics about student success after finishing the ultrasound training.

Finally, during the process of finding a school visiting the campus during their business hours is another way to gather information from ultrasound training schools. During the visit you’ll have a chance to meet with program administrators, advisors, students, and teachers. You will be able to ask questions about the program to find out if the program will suit your needs. In addition, you’ll also likely be given a tour of the campus, classrooms, and labs. The tour will help you inspect the condition of the facilities and get a feel for the campus.

An Important Choice

When choosing an ultrasound training course it is necessary to keep in mind the things that will be most important to you. This is an important decision that needs to be made when stating a great career as an ultrasound technician. Having the right information will help you with deciding which school in your area is right for you.

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