Sonography Admission Requirements

When in search of a training program at an ultrasound technician school, it is best to have a good understanding of the requirements necessary for gaining entry to an ultrasound technician school in your region.

Sonography has shown itself to be a stable career for those who have entered the field. The career stability and earnings potential has attracted many new individuals to the occupation. Careers in medical professions have continued to experience growth in spite of the economic difficulties facing many industries today. With many medical facilities looking to fill ultrasound technician jobs now is a great time to pursue training in medical sonography.

Sonography Admission Requirements

Ultrasound Technician School Options

The schools providing courses in sonography may offer up to three types of programs which students can choose to attend. The recommendations on which course to take would depend upon the student’s current experience and their career aspirations.

For those who have had past experience or education in the medical field, choosing a certificate or diploma program would be a reasonable and appropriate choice. The certificate programs can take from one year to 18-months to finish. These programs will include a mixture of classroom education as well as hands on or “clinical” experience which allows students to experience the work in a real life medical setting. The training involved adequately prepares current medical professionals to make the transition to another area of the healthcare industry.

Sonography school

For those starting out, such as recent high school graduates, beginning a college degree program would be the best option for embarking on this career path. Associate’s degrees in diagnostic medical sonography are the most popular option for these students and will take two years to complete. Associate’s degree programs, will generally offer a well-rounded and in-depth experience of classroom training in core curriculum plus internship training that allows students to practice alongside current professional sonographers in their day to day functions.

Another option for a degree in ultrasound is a four year bachelor’s degree from a university. Although the training will take longer and will be more rigorous, there are greater rewards for choosing this educational path. Students who complete bachelor’s programs in sonography will find more job opportunities and higher starting salaries when entering the workforce.

Are There Requirements for Entering Sonography School?

When taking a degree seeking programs, most colleges or universities will have a core curriculum that is required before starting the ultrasound courses. The core studies are designed to prepare students for the specialized and more technical nature of the degree major. The courses will include some fundamental medical training as well as the required general studies material.

Sonography school

Meeting the requirements necessary for entrance into ultrasound technician school can take approximately a year. The typical requirements will include courses such as algebra, physics, anatomy, communications, and computers. In addition to the course requirements, it is often mandatory that a good standing GPA be maintained prior to entry into the program. These requirements are pretty common for most schools however; some may advise that additional requirements be met before accepting students.

Prospective ultrasound students are advised to contact ultrasound training schools in their areas to determine the training programs that are available, degree options, and the requirements necessary for attending these schools.

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