Ultrasound Technician Jobs: A Career in Ultrasonography

In today’s economy, getting downsized or laid off is becoming more and more commonplace. Most people are trying to remain in the field they were in, and are fighting a losing battle to find solid and steady employment, no matter their experience. What a lot of people might be unaware of is that one of the most stable industries around today is the healthcare field, and there has been an explosion of late in hiring, particularly when it comes to ultrasound technician jobs. More and more schools all over the world are offering curriculum that can lead you to joining the ranks of people enjoying ultrasound technician careers. Because of this surge, it may be time for you to think of perhaps checking out an ultrasound technician program.

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Outlook for Ultrasound Technician Jobs

Ultrasound technician careers were recently ranked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as the number one growing employment field. In fact, the statistics show that the number of jobs available in this field is expected to grow by more than 18% by 2018, and now, the median salary for graduates of an ultrasound technician program is between $40,000 and $60,000 a year, depending on which state you reside in.

One of the main reasons behind this surge in ultrasound technician schools and jobs is very simple: the baby boomers. The main recipient of ultrasound procedures are the elderly, and as more of the baby boomer generation begin to retire, the number of patients going through this type of doctor recommended examinations is rising. The largest job growth in this field so far has been in the prime retiree sites like Florida and Arizona, and is expected to keep on growing across the country in the next few years.

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Types of Jobs Available in Ultrasound Technician Careers

One of the most important roles today in general medicine is the diagnostic medical sonographer, otherwise known as an ultrasound technician. In hospitals, clinics and private practices everywhere, you will see a technician at work, using the technology at their disposal in the oncology clinic, checking on the progress of a cancer patient’s treatment, or giving an expectant mother the first look at their unborn child.

Because the technology behind ultrasound is less invasive and far safer than utilizing an x-ray, more doctors are turning to this technique for help in diagnosis, analysis and the tracking of a patient’s progress during treatment. Classically known for its use in obstetrics, the field of ultrasound technician careers is one of the fastest growing, and is currently developing its own fields of specializations.

One of the first expansions into specialization for ultrasound technician jobs is in Pediatric echo sonography. Also known as Level II Prenatal Ultrasound, this procedure allows for close examination of the fetus in the womb during its complete development over the nine month gestation. By doing this, doctors can pinpoint fetal anomalies while the child is still in the womb. Others are specializing in echo sonography for use in oncology, vascular and cardiac fields.

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