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So now of course you are curious about ultrasound technician salaries. Now this salary depends pretty much on several factors such as location, credentials, qualifications, work experience, and whether you will be working in a private or public institution, and of course better qualifications and more experience will normally command a higher salary grade. However, ultrasound technician salaries have little difference between those working in the hospital or physician’s offices and in educational sectors. Out patient ultrasound technicians earn a little less.

An Ultrasound Technician salary can vary from state to state within the USA. Some states having increasing demands compared to other states where ultrasound technicians are more saturated. Some studies have also shown that work experience matters as newly certified technicians earn less at the onset. Age also comes into play as statistics show that older staff get maximum wages compare to a younger staff. Specialization in the field also improves your marketability and gives the advantage of increased wages.

ultrasound technician salary

In general we can say that ultrasound technician salaries are between $45000 to $66000 and above, with the initial earnings at around $40,000. However, there is an exponential increase up to $65000 until it reaches $85000 and above. Hourly rates are from around $17.00 to $36.00, and going on overtime, could mean they could earn up to $20.00 to $54.00 per overtime shift. Some clinics also share the profits that could range from $98.00 to as high as $6953 and with increasing growth in the profession the salary ranges could only go higher.

An ultrasound technician is an employee that uses sound waves to reflect images of the inside of the body. These images are used to help diagnose various problems and to aid the doctor in making a final diagnosis. An ultrasound technician salary can range from around $44,000 dollars to $65,000 when you first get started and the salary can elevate sharply from there depending on several factors. Here is a look at what generally determines salary in this highly competitive field:

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One of the biggest determinations of salary is what type of schooling you have behind you. This is the widest variable in the sonography field because they have programs that range wildly. Some sonography schools claim to have you ready to go in six months while others go to school for four years or more.

The six month or one year schools are sometimes very suspect, so you should make certain that they are fully accredited. Even if they are, you are going to have a tough time going up against other applicants that have been in school for between two and four years. There are no real shortcuts in sonography just like anything else.


The two and four year degrees can truly elevate your salary either in the short term or the long term depending on what you are trying to do. If you are specializing in a particular area, then you need to make sure you take classes that will help you. Cardiac sonography will require solid coursework in biology and things of the heart. The same goes for abdominal sonography and so on. Make sure you tailor your coursework to the areas that you want to work in. That foresight can literally increase your future salary more than anything else.

When you go to get accredited, you can actually be awarded a number of different certifications. These specialty areas are also part of the salary determination process. The better your certifications, the more valuable you are to a potential employer.

Market conditions and where you live are other huge reasons to expect a lower or higher salary. Fortunately, ultrasound technology is one of the fastest growing health care jobs out there. If you live in a big city or somewhere that health care is a large part of the local economy, then you will likely make more than someone that lives in a small town with only a local hospital.

state wise ultrasound salary

Another huge determining factor is your work history. If you worked in a hospital during the time you were in school and gained some hands on experience, you are going to be worth more than someone that only has classroom experience. Needless to say, your work history is important as well if it is not solid and dependable. All of these little details will go into what someone is willing to pay you.

Finally, you will determine your salary as you go forward. If you show up on time, don’t miss work, continue to learn and grow in the job, your salary will grow with you. Keep in mind that your own input is the single most determining factor in what you are going to make. The ultrasound technology field is certainly one that allows for expansion if you are willing to do the work.

Where can I earn the highest ultrasound technician salary?

Usually ultrasound technicians salaries are highest in hospital based practices where the mean average is around $63,770. Coming in close are physicians who employ ultrasound technicians in their health centers where the average salary is around $63,820. The next are in diagnostic clinics and laboratories where they can earn $61,820 annually.

Employment with companies that are partnered or affiliated with employment firms would probably pay you at least $68,000 or even more annually. The next highest, would be in the management of diagnostic companies where you can earn an average of $67,890 annually.

Academic institutions that employ ultrasound technicians are known to pay at least  $66,250 annually. Besides these various work settings, the region you work in that is the geographical location plays a role too in determining the amount of salary you would receive.

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