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Welcome to UltrasoundTechnicianExpert.com an information resource dedicated to helping students find the best sonography schools in your area. As you may know there has never been a better time to study in the field. To become an ultrasound technician students must complete a two year to four year training program to qualify for the occupation.

Here you will find information for locating sonography schools including accredited ultrasound technician schools and  helpful information about the career of an ultrasound technician. Like many medical professionals ultrasound technicians are in demand throughout the healthcare industry. Finding the right medical sonography training program is the first step in preparing you for an exciting, prosperous, and stable career.

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When it comes to getting started as an ultrasound technologist, finding the right school to get your certification is absolutely vital. Part of this is because it is so easy to find schools that are not actually accredited. These quickie programs advertise themselves to be something they are not, and the average person could easily get sucked in. Choosing the right school and program is certainly the best way to go to ensure that you are getting what you pay for.


What does an ultrasound technician do?

An ultrasound technician is responsible for helping patients through the ultrasound procedure. They often prepare the patient explaining the procedure then positioning them in ways best suited to target the areas being examined. While operating the ultrasound equipment the sonographer keeps close attention to the images being displayed on the screen. From there, they can determine if images from other angles are needed to obtain the best results. After the procedure is complete the ultrasound technician will review the images with medical staff from which doctors can determine the condition of the patient.

What kind of ultrasound training programs exist?

There are generally three types of programs and outcomes for training in sonography. These are certificate, Associate’s degree programs, and Bachelor’s degree programs. Your education, experience and career goals will ultimately help you decide which program is right for you. Below are summaries of each.

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  • Certificate programs : Certificate programs are great options for those who have had experience or completed past education in the medical field. These programs focus most on operating equipment and gaining experience through clinical studies. Many seeking certificates are often in healthcare already and want to transition to another area of expertise or add additional skills to make them more valuable to their employers. Entry requirements for certificate programs can require an associate’s degree in another allied health field such as radiography.
  • Associates of Science Degree : Associate’s degrees in medical sonography take two years to complete and prepare students for placement in the workforce after completion. This is the most popular training option for prospective ultrasound technicians because it provides a strong educational foundation as well as the practical skills needed to work in the field. The studies throughout a two program will require completion of the college or university’s core curriculum before entering the ultrasound training.
  • Bachelors Degree programs :These programs offer the deepest level of knowledge in the ultrasound field and upon completion,  access to higher level jobs in the sonography field. In addition much of the material that is provided in a two year course, four year programs will offer more specialized training in more technical areas of ultrasound.This may include training to perform ultrasounds of the heart, breast, and digestive system.

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Here is a look at several options that can help you become an ultrasound technician:

  • One year ultrasound technician schools

These schools, as well as the sonography schools that are even shorter, are the ones that you have to be careful with most often. Some are legitimate and will get you the certification that you need to get in at the basest level, but you will have a tough time competing upon graduation with others that have a degree or longer schooling. The key here is to think carefully before diving into a program that is suspect. You might just be pouring your money down the drain.

  • Two year degree ultrasound technician schools

If you go for a standard two year program, you will likely find yourself right in the middle of the pack for applicants. Two year degrees give you a solid grasp on the job and also gives you a great understanding of the surrounding aspects too. You get some clinical work done as a rule and are ready for certification with no problem upon completion. This is the most common route that people take to become an ultrasound technician.

  • Four year degree ultrasound technician school

Going for four years allows you to be in the upper echelon of the applicants when trying to secure a job as a rule. The depth of information and repetition allows you to come out of school ready to go to work on most occasions. This is the type of education that employers love to see and they will generally allow you to get the highest pay scale for beginning techs if you have it. Another huge benefit to this is that it allows you the time to get some schooling in specialist areas of sonography. Some examples of this are cardiac, pregnancy offices, abdominal and even back surgeons. Any extra classes can be awesome at boosting your resume and a four year degree shows that in spades.

Military coursework

Joining the military would be an extreme way to get your ultrasound technology schooling, but it can be done. If you are joining anyway, then specializing in this area is a great decision. You get to work in a hospital setting as a rule and the best jobs in the military are found behind hospital doors. Another huge benefit is that much of your training will transfer right over when you get out.

The key here is doing your homework before signing up for a program. Ultrasound schools vary wildly and not all of them are on the up and up. Keep in mind that the quality and length of your schooling will likely determine the pay scale as well as your ability to get hired in the end.

How Can I Find the Right School?

Finding schools offering training in medical diagnostic sonogrography should be easy as the courses are being offered at many ultrasound technician schools nationwide, most likely close to where you live. However, finding the right school for you will rely on your preferences, personal obligations, and flexibility to meet the course’s requirements. If you have a full time job during the day you find some schools offering evening classes or on-line courses that can better fit your schedule. If you’re ready to attend a full time on campus program many schools are ready to accommodate that as well.

The key to finding the right school is doing some research on what programs ultrasound technician schools in your area are offering and understanding the length of time required to complete the programs. To get further information from ultrasound technician schools, you can request course catalogues from school’s website and even visit the schools to review their facilities, equipment and speak with the faculty. Having good information about the schools will best prepare you for choosing the right institution.

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