What Is Ultrasound?

In the world of health care, seeing inside the body is a very common necessity to properly diagnose and treat our human bodies. For this reason, x-ray has become a very important tool. Ultrasound technology and imaging is a very important aspect of that job as it uses sound waves to reflect images of the organs, tissues and internal goings on of our bodies. This diagnostic tool uses high frequency sound waves to make sonograms (images) of all kinds of things. From blood flow to cardiac problems, ultrasound is one of the most vital tools in the medical tool kit.

what is ultrasound explained

One of the most common ultrasound technologists are the ones that use a little wand to look at beautiful unborn babies. By simply moving a wand over the belly of a pregnant woman, a prenatal sonographer can let us know what  baby looks like before it is even born. Those awesome pictures that are passed around by fathers and mothers to be are done by ultrasound technologists.

The actual process involves using a transducer (wand) to send high frequency sound waves into the body. These bounce or echo off of internal organs and the technology converts this to electrical impulses. These are turned into images on a computer screen and used to diagnose irregularities or problems within the body.


Another example of sonography in action is when they check the neck for blood flow problems. If someone has potential blockages that could lead to stroke or other blood flow problems, an ultrasound technologist can sometimes see this and prevent a tragedy. There are a number of other examples that range from head to toe.

Ultrasound is used for more things as well, including healing bone fractures. At higher levels and being used daily, some feel that bone fractures can heal quicker. Strains, sprains and the like are thought to be quicker to heal under the heat of an ultrasound.

ultrasound frequency range

Ultrasound technology is also one of the more in demand jobs that people want to get into. In the health care field, sonographers are constantly in demand and the pay scale is pretty good considering that you can get into it rather quickly. You can get a solid job in the field with only a two year degree. There are some shorter programs as well, but many of them are suspect. You have to be really careful about what you school you attend and whether or not it is accredited.

Ultrasound technology is one of the most important jobs in the hospital. The technologist has to not only be able to find the right information, but deal with the patient as they do so. People are often uncomfortable and confused about what might be wrong, and keeping them calm and comforted throughout the process is a big part of it.

Without ultrasound technologists, the hospital would not be able to do many vital things. This is a great job to consider if you want to work closely with the patients and yet embrace technology as it improves all the time.

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